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Artist Spotlight: 721gusto


721gusto is an artist making his own brand of Soundcloud-inspired rap in the DMV area. Hailing from Maryland, he is nonetheless inspired by some of the biggest names from south Florida and beyond, a connection you can hear in his tracks and can even see in the design of some of his album artwork. We talked with 721gusto about his inspirations, his musical journey, and what’s up next:

Check out his music here: https://linktr.ee/721gusto

B: What’s your name, and what do you do?

My name is Rob and I am an underground artist from Maryland. I go by the name of 721gusto.

B: How did you first get into music?

I first got into music by my parents playing an array of sounds ranging from billie holiday to Biggie/P.Diddy all the way to Kenny Rodgers. The modern version of rap was introduced to me by radio. The hugest musical inspiration in my life is SkiMasktheSlumpgod as his flow captured my attention from the first song I heard of his.

B: What’s your favorite track that you’ve released so far?

My favorite track Ive released so far has to be Blue Eyed Devil. It has received great feedback and it is a personal favorite of mine.

B: Why should people check out your music?

People should check out my music due to me being completely different than the majority of rappers we listen to these days. Many times when in the underground scene, we come across rappers who try to follow a pathway that was already carved out for them. I am trying to make my own pathway in the game for years to come.

B: What do you have planned coming up for you music progression / career?

Sometime in the near future, I plan to release an EP as well as perform live in front of various venues in the DMV area (DC, MD, VA).

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