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NEW MUSIC: Transit Station presents [TS002] Nic Joseph x Anthony Botez – “Burning” (Original Mix)


Transit Station is an exiting new label out of Detroit that has been steadily building their presence in the music scene since their inception just over a year ago. In that time, the group has released a series of mixes and releases that have begun to establish their aesthetic identity as an imprint, each addition adding a layer of nuance and complexity to the way that they hope to be recognized by listeners and the industry at large.

For [TS002], the group released a track last week that will stand as another intriguing contribution to their progression as a label and, more generally, a participant in one of the most exciting dance music scenes in the world. From their own words:

“Burning is a 120 bpm deep house groover produced by Nic Joseph and Anthony Botez, two Detroit natives who are emerging into the scene. With a deep baseline and melodic lead, Burning perfectly wraps up all those feel good summer vibes and leaves you feeling nostalgic for yet another memorable season.”

Check out the track on their SoundCloud above (coming soon to your favorite streaming service), and go ahead and explore the rest of their musical offerings while you’re at it. If you’re like us, the more you listen, the more you’ll be looking for what’s coming next.

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