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INTERVIEW: Chasey the Illest this Friday, 8/30 @ Penelope’s Place


Chasey the Illest is throwing his first show ever this Friday in celebration of his latest project, Nightmare Park, so we knew we had to talk with him about the details and why he’s so excited for this special event.The show will feature a headlining performance by Chasey, as well as sets from Til’ Infinity collective (Kaution, DJ Plan C, Rico Ben, Twenty2, Inkxsane, & Mike B), PJ Fuentez, & Lil Siren.










If you read our conversation with Chasey from earlier this year, you know that this young rising artist has shown a lot of promise and passion for his art and his message. With that in mind, he has managed to put together a lineup that showcases the best from himself and the people around him, as well as a few newcomers and potential open mic participants, so overall this show is sure to be a unique and significant experience that you won’t want to miss.

It all goes down Friday, August 30th starting at 8pm sharp, hosted at Penelope’s Place in Southgate (12219 Dix Toledo RD, Southgate, MI). Check out the Facebook event here, and we look forward to seeing you there!

B: So tell us about this show coming up.

C: This Friday I’m throwing a show, which will be my first show ever, in celebration of my latest project Nightmare Park. We’ve got some of my friends performing, some people that I know through open mics and things like that, and some that I don’t know as well who are just down to be a part of the night. 

B: How is it going to feel to be able to perform the Nightmare Park songs for your supporters?

C: Bruh, it’s gonna be crazy. I’m hoping that a lot of people will show up, I want as many people as possible to experience the music in a more personal way. I’ve seen people that I don’t even know supporting the album in various ways; it would be crazy to see strangers in the crowd that know my music or even might be singing along with me. I made all this shit in my bedroom, so to bring it into the world and to see how it grows and evolves as more people experience it is something that I’m really excited about.

B: What do you think your live performance adds to the music? Is there anything that you’re able to express or convey through playing live that doesn’t always come out when listening to the recording?

C: I feel like people will really be able to feel my emotions. I feel like with some songs, you can’t fully understand the gravity of certain things that I’m saying unless you see me do it in person. There’s just a lot of purpose and energy that goes into what I’m trying to do, and a live performance allows me to present all of that at once.


B: If you could watch yourself perform live, what do you hope that experience would be like?

C: It would be emotional for sure, but I feel like it would be super hype at the same time. I think it would be a complex and beautiful experience, because that’s what I try to provide the audience when I perform for them. Overall, I just hope it would be a good time. 

B: Do you have any advice for people coming to the show? If you had to tell people how to prepare for the show, what would you say?

C: First off, if you have any Nightmare Park merch wear that shit! Be ready to go crazy with me because I’m ready to give it my all for real. Just be prepared to turn up; there’s gonna be moments of pure joy, moments of sadness, it will really be a range of emotions that I’m trying to get people to feel. It’s kind of like a therapy session, both for me and for the audience; together, we’re going to figure out how to break free from the nightmare. 

On a more logistical note, the event will be at a smoke and drink free venue, so please respect that out of courtesy for the hosts so that everything can go smoothly. 

B: Anything else that you want people to know?

C: Yo, for real, I need everyone to come out to this shit! I really want to pack the place out, I wanna cultivate a certain energy at the event where people feel satisfied and appreciated for coming and being a part of it. So tell a friend to tell a friend, bring all your people out, and let’s have a good time together. 


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