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VIDEO: Latnie Prepares for Take Off with “Elevating” Video

Latnie is aiming for the top. What better way to speed up the process than getting a plane and soaring? The Florida rapper is back with the official music video for the Ryan Layzer and Darren Gooden-produced “Elevating” track. The Rolf-directed shoot shows Latnie bouncing from scene to scene with good vibes.

“‘Elevating on the low low’ can happen in many different ways. Reading, writing, or learning a new skill all count. Rolf had the vision for a lot of the angles and shots. Whenever I work with another creative I want them to use their skills and be as creative as possible. He took a few of my ideas and took them to the next level. I like to place clever metaphors in my music. In this video, you’ll see a lot of visual metaphors on how one can elevate.” – Latnie

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