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RARESOUNDS Comes in Hot with Munch & Datsunn’s “Full Circle Pt.1”


RARESOUNDS has been quietly scheming on some new heat for a while now, dropping content and new music as they steadily build interest in their unique take on collective collaboration (including subtleties., which we recently reviewed here).

Today’s release is the first installment of the “Full Circle” series, Full Circle Pt. 1, a project from Munch Datsunn that features contributions from some of their closest friends and musical comrades, Jacob Sigman and Zillie Holiday, as well as a guest appearance from Oddisee.

“What Goes Around” is a feel-good and introspective track that brings a smooth, soulful approach to ideas of synchronicity and karma. Munch comes in with a strong verse that straddles the intro and carries into the body of the song, followed by a characteristically sharp and deliberate part from Zillie Holiday, and punctuated by an impressively dextrous finish from Oddisee, eventually fading into an outro laced with subtly brilliant harmonizing and selective section drops from the maestro Datsunn. “Same Time Different Place” has Munch getting into a more melodic flow, including a little but of autotune and a solid helping of creativity in the adlibs, all over the consistently slapping drum patterns of Datsunn and some beautifully crafted musicality courtesy of Jacob Sigman.


This short and sweet release is a textbook example of poise and synergy; just enough complexity without being too muddied, with contributions from an array of talented individuals that all bring their best selves into an experimentation in combinations of sounds and styles. It seems like RARESOUNDS is really trying to show people who they are rather than telling them, so don’t expect any tell-all biopics anytime soon, but you can surely expect more new music that will further solidify the identity of this promising artistic collective.

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