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PREVIEW: MeanRed Presents “Hot Logic” Series at MOCAD; Kicks Off Friday w/ Bonobo (DJ Set), Omar-S, & Rimarkable


MeanRed recently announced their new summer series “Hot Logic,” taking place at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit and featuring an exciting lineup of musical guests, including Meshell Ndegeocello, TOKiMONSTA, Detroit’s own Dej Loaf, and more.

This Friday, July 5th, the series will kick off with a special DJ set from Bonobo, supported by hometown hero Omar-S as well as the multi-talented and internationally recognized Rimarkable.

Check out the artists below, and be sure to get your tickets for the kick off of one of Detroit’s hottest summer series here 

(facebook event here)



Bonobo’s last album, “The North Borders”, went Top 30 in the UK and was number 1 in the electronic charts in both the US and UK. In support, his 12-piece collective (over an 18 month period) played 175 shows across four continents and 30 countries, wowing a total audience of around 2 million people. In fact, Songkick reckoned him to be amongst the most travelled artists on the planet that year. The tour included two sell outs at the Sydney Opera House, an all-day festival at the Roundhouse culminating in a sold out show at Alexandra Palace (10k cap) plus a number of high profile festival slots. Over the course of five albums for the legendary label Ninja Tune, a myriad of tours, singles, remixes and production work for other artists, Bonobo has built a large, loyal and engaged global fanbase: over half a million album sales and over one hundred and fifty million streams on Spotify point to the levels of success achieved by this quiet, self-effacing man. Most recently, Bonobo curated an international series of Outlier events including a sold out all day festival at Tobacco Dock in London and further parties in Berlin, Madrid, Paris and New York.

After the epic North Borders tour, Bonobo relocated once again, continuing his gradual move westward by laying down roots in Los Angeles. He had spent almost three years out on the road with no fixed home and on returning to New York, he found it a “noisy, stressful environment” and decided to try the other coast. All this – both the monumental live and DJ tours and his new home in a city full of people from somewhere else – has fed into what makes “Migration” such a special record. Drawing on both a new interest in found-sound and the “euphoric, spiritual moments” he experienced when playing his all-night DJ sets at his Output residency (where many of “Migrations” tracks were road tested) in New York and his Outlier events around the world, Green has placed the unstable, the heartbreaking, the often beautiful migratory life at the core of how he understands humanity, and hence how he understands music. Migration is to him, “The study of people and spaces,” he expands, “It’s interesting how one person will take an influence from one part of the world and move with that influence and effect another part of the world. Over time, the identities of places evolve.” It’s also true that the person will be changed. Green’s newest work is itself a statement of this change and growth.



From Resident Advisor, circa 2009:

Raw and unfiltered: It describes Detroit producer Omar-S’s music, as well as his personality. But once you hear the man speak, you’ll find that there’s more than meets than eye.

Detroit has quite an extensive history with techno and house music. The various waves of talent to bust out of the city have produced such legendary artists as Derrick May, Carl Craig, Mad Mike, Jeff Mills, Drexciya and many more than could be listed here. Their common thread: all were masters of form and function. Detroit dance music works on the mind and the body in equal measure; this requires true artistry to pull on the heartstrings while moving the ass in rhythm. One of the most recent additions to this great legacy is Omar-S.

“I’m looking at it like a music historian, this shit has been going on like this since the 1900s. People in Europe appreciate art more than Americans. You could make fucking ice sculptures. And, in Europe, that’s art. Over here, that’s fucking nothing. If it’s not about sex, drugs, and violence people here don’t care.

That’s everywhere though. People always ask me about that picture on the net with the gun sitting there while I’m writing on records. Why do people bring that shit up? Like this one asshole French interviewer yesterday asked me what kind of neighborhood I lived in. I said, “What do you mean?” He said, “Do you live in a poor neighborhood?” What the fuck kind of question is that? It seems like to me France is one of the most fucked up places I’ve been to so far. And he has the nerve to ask me what kind of neighborhood I come from?

Hey man, I’m tired of these motherfuckers coming to Detroit and going downtown, you know downtown is kinda fucked up. Detroit is bigger than a motherfucker, they don’t ever go to West Side, East Side, North Side. They only go downtown to see the fucked up bars with crackheads hanging around and shit. I live on the East Side. I grew up in Conant Gardens, that’s where my father and grandparents were from. We still own the property over there as far as the house and the store, the arcade and shit.”

Rimarkable at JOY_edited


Redefining the word remix, a producer, drummer, vocalist, and producer, Rimarkable is a crowd-reading master and rocker of international dance floors for nearly two decades. Whether sharing the bill with a host of superstars from George Clinton to Madonna, or joining legendary colleagues such as Gene Farris, DJ Spinna, and Frankie Bones on stage, and wowing dance floor crowds on Boiler Room TV, her unique sound becomes ceremony, with a witches’ brew of House and Techno, in a Soul, Funk, and Disco cauldron, built on the fire behind her Detroit and Chicago upbringing.  A seasoned veteran of dance floor magic, she is able to make any genre become a beacon of bliss. 

Rimarkable, a multi-instrumentalist/performer, also takes on the roll of producer for her own work as well as for others, and has penned and performed commercial jingles, her original work was featured in several off-Broadway productions, award winning short films, and has been found on the fashion runways of Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week. Detroit legendary heavy-hitter Waajeed, recently signed her as the first artist on his Dirt Teck Reck label. Her Spring 2018 DTR release, “I’m In Trouble” is what he professes as, “…the best record I’ve produced in years.”

Rimarkable is the creator and instructor of The Alchemy of DJing Learning Workshops, which present internationally.  Her lectures on DJ culture and music have been presented at several festivals, universities, as well as the Queens Museum of Art.  Rimarkable is the curator & resident DJ for the international nightlife event, Everybody Random, and co-founder/curator & resident DJ of the popular Brooklyn event JOY, a day party. She resides in Brooklyn, where she owns and operates her creative production company, Rimarkable Things.

Broccoli is a scientific artisan with a personality disorder. His work often centers around identity, the relationship between an artist and their work, and the psychology of emotion. He likes to lay out in the sun and grow.

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