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New Music: Prada Leary Drops “Bout That” Video w/ Supakaine Prod. by Bo404


Prada Leary and Supakaine are two Detroit artists that go way, way back. Though Prada has made LA his new home as of late, he will always have a strong connection to his home in Detroit. His latest drop comes in the form of a video for his new song “Bout That,” a collaboration with his longtime friend and fellow artist that features footage shot on a recent visit. It’s a fact that strong bonds produce new opportunities, and when one person moves away their circle gains a home away from home, so seeing Prada and Kaine maintaining the connection from the Midwest to the West Coast is a sign of how deep their roots go together. Produced by Atlanta’s own Bo404, the track simply can’t miss, and with a video shot by Shooter.Jimmy and edited by artlavigne, the complete package is something that you need to see.

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