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Cave Release New Album ‘WORMS’


The mysterious artist Cave from Gainesville, Florida known for wearing a paper grocery bag over his face is back at it with a new 14-track project entitled “WORMS.”

The project starts off with some solid tracks that set the tone for the project and has a plethora of powerful messages that can speak to listeners in a deep way.

WORMS provides a variety of moods from cocky anthems with “Red Carpet” to melodic and sensual beats with “Continue?”.

The project features artists Localhotboy, PlayfulRyan, Sado, Burn Every Thing,Louie Smith and Scer and producers Ocean Beats, Origami, Paulie, D.J. Got The Juice, llluid Haller, Kevin Katana, Guri, Drew Rick, Wyx Watson, No1, Alune, & Whyzoo.

Listen to WORMS below or on Spotify or Apple Music.

Connect with Cave: Instagram | Twitter

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