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New Music from MikeyyAustin: “Songs About Whatever”


MikeyyAustin has been working hard lately, releasing music and visuals in anticipation for a solid year 2019. His latest drop comes today in the form of “Songs About Whatever,” a 3 track release that shows multiple aspects of his style and lyrical precision. “The Sunlight Song” is a feel good yet somber feeling song that rides a relaxed tempo and smooth melodies from start to finish. “The Song About Being Cool” comes with a heavier delivery, featuring sharp boom bap kicks and snares that match well with a more assertive vocal style. Last but not least, “The FaceTime Song” comes in with a light hi hat followed by another bumping drum pattern that stumbles on itself in-time, reminiscent of the best of 90’s and backpack rap.

As a whole, the release contains an impressive amount of meaning and substance for only 3 tracks. It’s an interesting aspect of music releases; is it better to do a bigger, fully-fleshed album and expect listeners to play the whole thing? Or is releasing shorter, more digestible collections more appropriate for the streaming age? I don’t think there’s one right answer, but “Songs About Whatever” is certainly one way to do the short release model right.

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