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Being Washed Is Not An Option For RUDEBOY RUGER On His New EP, ‘DRY CLEAN ONLY.’


A large part of the human experience is based on our hardships and how we choose to let them define us. Drenched in the spirit of ambition, Hartford, Connecticut’s Rudeboy Ruger gives new meaning to finding beauty within the struggle with ‘Dry Clean Only.‘ serving as a radical note to self to keep your foot on the gas.

At only 5 songs and under 13 minutes, the CT bred-NYC based artist manages to take listeners on a sonic journey, tapping into various styles along the way. One minute he drops hard hitting verses on the ‘Think and Grow Rich’ inspired intro, ‘Millions’ transitioning to a more playful side on songs like ‘Pick Up’ and ‘The Most’. Records like ‘Tamagotchi’ and ‘Maverick’ are where Ruger exudes his prowess for melody, fluctuating between falsettos and lower tones. Regardless of which vein Ruger decides to tap into, one thing is certain; nothing is getting in his way. 

Nestled between two major metro areas (Boston and New York City), Connecticut has yet to see a breakout star to model a blueprint of success after. Instead many of our favorite artists who we love have gotten their start in the Connecticut circuit ( e.g. French Montana, Curren$y, Young M.A). For Rudeboy Ruger, inspiration rolled in from all directions. His favorite artist is Dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel and his ‘Rude Boy’ designation is a testament to his Caribbean background and his native Hartford, a city with a heavy West Indian influence. Drawing inspiration from other artists such as Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Max B and a slew of others, Ruger blends these influences with a touch of his own DNA to create a style unique to him. 

Take a listen below!

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