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Soulo Smith gains 9K streams on “Close Calls” in 2 days, listen to this!


Philadelphia artist Soulo Smith released his new track “Close Calls” on Sunday, March 17th, and it has already garnered over 9,000 streams on Soundcloud alone.

Soulo’s mission is to impact the game with originality, meaningful content, bizarre ad-libs, poetic justice, catchy choruses, relatable stories and rhythmic flow. Always creating unique ways to sound, not one of his song sound the same. He has an untarnished poetic yet conscience trap sound that grows with the times, sounding timeless, appealing to different generations. Soulo has opened up for both PNB Rock and The Stylistics, which proves his versatility.

Inspired by legends of Hip Hop and RnB, Soulo’s passion for music began in a middle school as a child with sports dreams and lady friend crushes. Stage performing and winning talent shows with friends, Soulo fell in love with writing and performing music, believing it can positively impact the world.

While he was attending Delaware State University, Soulo was President of multiple organizations, most popularly remembered for Spoken Word Artists United aka SWAU. There he lead an intellectual and very talented group of poets, rappers and singers in skill building, live performances, stage plays and studio recordings.

Soulo is more than a rapper, he is a true artist and change maker. In 2017, he co-founded a donation program called Future Footprints to raise money for students needing daycare for their children while working through college. He’s done a lot in a short amount of time and he’s just getting started.

Check out his latest release “Close Calls” below.

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