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Five Ways To Decorate Your Home With Pillows


“There is nothing like staying at home for comfort.” – Jane Austen

Home is the sweetest place in the world. It’s where your heart is! It is where you nurture it to make it your home. The best part is to decorate your home. It can be a tricky task especially if you are tight on the budget. 

Everyone wishes to make a home of his or her dream home. Being on a tight budget it might nearly seem impossible for you décor the home according to your wish. But, that’s not it! 

You can have your desired home simply by decorating it with memory foam pillows. Yes, you heard it right! According to the interior design experts, you can décor the home without breaking the bank and giving an appealing look to the home.

Here, today in this blog you will discover five ways to decorate your home with pillows. You will be surprised at these simple tricks and how they enhance the interior.

Before we get deeper, there are few tips on selecting the right pillow for the home. Curious to know? Go ahead and check out the below-mentioned blog. 


One of the most crucial things to consider is the size of the pillows. The standard pillow is in the square with 18 inches. These memory foam pillows are ideal to fit and nestle between the sofas. For a cozy and lounge effect, you can select the oversize pillows that come in 24-inch size. 


A feather filled with cotton is the squishy kind of pillow. Besides, it’s also costly. The foam and other synthetic fills inside the pillows will keep it stiff and keep the look steady. 

Odd or Even 

Often when you are decorating the home, one tends to become confused whether to a select an odd number of pillows or even number of pillows. According to the experts, an odd number is considered to be artistic. Hence, always opt for the odd number of pillows. One, three, five, and so on. Ensure that you select the pillows by keeping the size of your furniture in mind. 

Texture and Color Combination 

There are different textures to select. Linen, smooth leather, silk upholstery to many more textures to select. In case of color from bold color contrast to soft hues upholstery, you can select the texture that adds warmth and coolness to the home. 

Now comes the five ways of decorating the home with pillows. 

1.    Your living room is the most trafficked place throughout the day. Thus, it becomes essential to make it look beautiful and elegant in the utmost sophisticated manner. Depending upon your interior style you can have the pillows. For instance, you can mix up the light color pillows with that of the same darker shade to give an interesting look. 

Besides, sofa upholstery should never be patterned. Add layers of colors and texture to uplift the look with pillows. 

2.    Either bold or dramatic look, it is entirely upon you how to décor the bedroom with pillows. One important point to consider for the bedroom is you can use the printed upholstery for an attractive appearance. If the room is extra large and there’s a sofa aligned alongside, then throw some matching pillows that do not match with the sofa. 

3.    If you are someone who has an open space garden with some sofas and chairs, then there is no better way to decorating other than pillows. Use rectangle, circle or asymmetrical shape pillows that differ from the coordinates. By doing so, it will make space look cozy and warm. 

4.    For the personal space where you enjoy and relax, then this particular corner needs every kind of pillow. Get the pillows of 22 inch and 24 inch having same colors. Arrange the largest from both the corner thereby working your way to center with a smaller range of cute pillows. It’s considered to be an excellent way of using the space yet making it calm and adding clarity.

5.    Nowadays, there are many accessories available to décor it with the pillow. For instance, you can give a personal and intentional look with the soft fur. Place the pillow on top of it and make it look royal and splendid look. 

Every once in a while, it becomes crucial to decorate the home and try out the latest trends. What if you are low on budget and cannot do anything about it? You do not need to fret over it anymore! Because in the above-mentioned blog we have written down how with pillows you can décor your home. Alongside we have also mentioned tips on selecting the one. If you find the blog helpful, then don’t forget to drop your thought and suggestion in the comment section. Keep sharing!  


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