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Best New Song: Emily OG


2019 is shaping up to be a phenomenal year for RUSSELL!. After releasing “Jodi & Rebecca” the debut single for his upcoming R&B album Lovely, the Canadian artist is formerly known as D-Pryde, has dropped the following single Emily OG.

Take away the velvety vibration of the guitar. Strip the intimacy of the drums, which Create a soft but intense feeling of seduction in the background. Peel off the music in its entirety from the song itself, the vocal performance alone is enough to evoke emotions the music creates.


While not the best singer in the world, this a vast improvement for a man who made songs like this is pretty shocking. To get to the point where he could do not one but two R&B tracks solo and deliver a vocal performance that keeps the listener engaged is impressive.

RUSSELL! is known for his goofiness, and his music videos have incorporated in his music videos more often. Lovely has the potential to RUSSELL! The most significant release to date. For a man who has been through a lot already, this could be what takes this talented artist to new heights.

Check out RUSSELL! Last project Carnival below as we wait patiently for Lovely, which will be available this Friday.





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