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PREMIERE: Black Water & Zen Dash release new music video “Resurrection”


Zen Dash and Black Water release a new music video today for their song Resurrection, which is a mellow poetic track off their most recent EP Transmutations. The song was produced by Black Water, performed by Zen Dash and the video was shot and edited by Derek Dream Films.

The pair are based in New York and a part of musical collective and record label MoneyOverZombie. The name comes from the concept of quitting your job, following your dreams and not being another replaceable clone or zombie. It was formed by a group of artists playing Xbox together in 2008.

Zen Dash and Black Water have two unique sounds that compliment each other. Black Water has an emotional sound siphoned from rich spirited jazz based on his roots in New Orleans and he pairs it with undeniable bars from Brooklyn. He says it’s like “angry ass jazz.” Zen Dash is a bipolar lyricist who wishes he was a mumble rapper. He finds himself leaning towards sample loops more than actual beats and cites his influences to include Black Thought and MF Doom.

Transmutations is a 6-track project featuring sacred and spiritual themes with song titles including “Philosopher’s Stone,” and “Lonely Alchemist.” They quote the message of this project to be about “transmuting ink to gold, love from pain, success from talent.”

Here’s another great track off the EP.

Check out their new video below.

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