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Interview: Nvdeem Talks “Codeine & Heart Breaks”


Nvdeem just dropped Codeine and Heart Breaks, a collaborative project with producer Sain’t Laurent that explores recent struggles and pursuits of a brighter tomorrow. The light melodies and textures stand out from the driving 808’s and consistently cynical lyrics, creating a local manifestation of a global trend in trap music. We sat down with Nvdeem to talk about the inspiration behind the project, what it means to him, and what he hopes listeners will get out of the music.

B: Can you tell us about your process while making this project?

N: Basically I met this really great producer, his name is Sain’t Laurent, he was recommended to me by one of my friends Okir. Anyways I was at his crib and we were vibing, and we had an idea for a track called “Codeine and Heart Breaks.” I was in a certain mood at the time, I’d just gotten out of a relationship and shit, and he suggested that I try to work out some of my thoughts over the beat he was making. Next thing you know, we had a short EP done by the end of the night.


B: Could you explain more about the inspiration behind the project and what it means to you?

N: It’s just a way for me to get some of my recent feelings out. Just certain lines and bars about what I’ve been going through, the struggles that I’ve had to overcome, being conflicted about certain decisions I’ve had to make. At a certain point I realized, some people are just out to get what they can from you, which is a hard thing to accept. So this whole thing has been my way of understanding that.

B: So how does this relate to your past work? Where does it fit into your discography.

N: I think this is just pure, unadulterated Nvdeem. Before it was me trying to figure out how I would do things, what I wanted to create. Now I feel like I know more about it, know who I am and what music I want to make, so this is another step in that direction.


B: What do you hope listeners will get out of the project?

N: I hope people just do their thing, chill, party, have fun. Life’s too short to stress over shit, don’t waste your energy on things that don’t serve you. I hope it makes people feel something positive, coming from a project that helped me get through some tough shit, so that’ really the goal.

B: is there anything else that you’d like people to know? What’s coming next for you?

N: I’ve only been listening to country and heavy metal lately, to be honest. That’s what’s been inspiring me lately. I have a project called Dearborn coming out in February, which will be a whole different type of vibe.


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