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A Year In Review: The Headlines That Shaped 2018


1Judge Blocks Trump’s DACA Repeal on January 9th.

2Women of Hollywood Launch Initiative Against Harassment at top of the year.

3H&M Dragged For Ad, The Weeknd & G-Eazy Drop Out Of Partnerships on January 10th.

4Saudi Women Attended Their First Soccer Game In Country’s History In January.

5Fredo Santana Passed Away At 27 On January 19th.

6Glee Star Mark Salling Passes Away At 35 On January 30th.

7Feds Slap Wells Fargo With 1 Billion In Fines For Abusing Customers in end of January.

8Kevin Hart Denied Stage Access And Swears On Live TV on February 4th.

9Judge Sentences Larry Nassar, Former Olympic Doctor, To Serve 40-125 Years In Prison For Sexual Assault on February 5th.

10Nikolas Cruz Opens Fire At Stoneman Douglas High School Taking 17 Lives on Valentine’s Day.

11Florida Legislature Decline Vote On Weapons Ban in February.

12Dick’s Sporting Good’s Inc. Bans The Sale Of Rifle Style Guns In Their Stores in February.

13Black Panther Breaks Box Office Records in mid February.

14North Korea Begin Talks With US & South Korea in end of February.

15California Debuts First Driver-less Shuttles on March 6th.

16New York Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Harvey Weinstein & Co on February 11th.

17Spy & Daughter Poisoned in UK, Apparently Russia Is Behind Attack on March 4th

18Craig Mack Passes At 47 on March 12th.

19Rihanna Calls Out SnapChat For Approving Inappropriate Ad Involving Chris Brown on March 13th.

20Stephen Hawking Passes At 76 on March 14th.

21Facebook Loses Massive Share Value After Major Data Breach.

22Craigslist Deletes Personals Section To Combat Cyber Crime on March 23rd.

23R. Kelly Allegations Of Sex Cult Resurface.

24Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Opens Up About Depression.

25Mariah Carey Opens Up About Bipolar Disorder.

26Drake’s Ex Manager, Derrick Lawrence Sentenced To Prison.

27Police Try To Blame Missing Marijuana On Stoner Mice.

28Golden State Killer, Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, Found.

29Meek Mill Released From Prison On April 24th.

30Google Employees Fight Pentagon Drone Project.

31Australia Donates Millions To Protect Reefs.

32North & South Korea Sync Time Zones In April.

33Bill Cosby Sentenced To Prison In Rape Retrial In April.

34Malaysia Elects World’s Oldest Leader, Mahathir Mohamad, 92, On May 10th.

35Scientists Successfully Perform Memory Transfer.

36NFL Commission Officially Prohibits Players From Taking Knee Durning National Anthem.

37Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Get Married On May 19th.

38Iraq Holds First Elections Since Defeating Islamic State.

39U.S. Passes Law For Terminally Ill Patients Giving Them The Right To Try Alternative Medicine.

40Ebola Outbreak In Congo Claims 27 Lives.

41Florida Accidentally Sends Out Zombie Warning Text On May 20th.

42Roseanne Takes Ambien, Tweets Racist Comments, ABC Fires Her In May.

43Department Of Justice Proves Pharma Company Knew About Opioid Abuse Risk For Patients, Covered It Up.

44Snoop Dogg Broke The Guinness World Record for Largest Paradise Cocktail Ever Made, Gin & Juice On May 29th.

45Drake & Pusha T Beef Gets Heated After Pusha T Releases Infrared.

46Judge Aaron Persky, The Judge Who Let A Rapist Spend 6 Months In Jail As Punishment Is Removed From Bench.

47Kim Jong Un Announces North Korea Aims To Denuclearize.

48World Health Organization Investigates Mental Health Institutions In Europe, Findings Are Abhorrent.

49Anthony Bourdain Passes Away At 61.

50Demi Lovato Suffers Relapse In June.

51XXXtentacion Fatally Shot In Broward County Florida on June 18th.

52America Comes Under Fire For Separating Children From Parents At Mexican Border.

53Supreme Court Says States May Collect Sales Tax On Online Orders.

54France Brings Back Mandatory National Service Program For Teens.

55Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Steps Down.

56Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz, 15, Is Brutally Murdered Outside New York Bodega On June 20th.

57London Mayor Approves Giant Trump Diss.

58Department Of Justice Reopens Emmett Till Case In Beginning of July.

59Demi Lovato Survives Overdose, Checks Into Rehab On July 24th.

60Paul Manafort Trial Begins On July 31st.

61Cop Who Rigged McDonalds Monopoly Game Stealing Millions Is Arrested.

62Homeless Web Developer Gets Support From Tech Community.

63Rescue Mission Into Tham Luang Cave Saves Thai Soccer Team In July.

64Rashida Tlaib Becomes First Muslim Woman Elected To Congress.

65China Enacts First Child Abuse Laws For Schools In August.

66Vice President Pence Announced ‘Space Force’ (A New Branch Of The Military) Will Begin In 2020.

67Content From Infowars.com Removed From Facebook, Apple, Spotify, & YouTube.

68Puerto Rico Restores To Full Power After Hurricane Maria After 11 Months On August 14th.

69Report Finds Google Is Tracking Users Locations Even When Asked Not To.

70UNC Students Tear Down Confederate Statue On Campus on August 21st.

71Catholic Priests In Pennsylvania Covered Up 1000 Cases Of Child Abuse.

72California Passes New Legislation Reducing Or Eliminating Past Marijuana Convictions On August 22nd.

73Chief Health Director Nick Lyon Will Face Charges For Flint Water Crisis.

74Protestors In Brazil Call Out Government Officials For National Museum Fire.

75California Passes 100% Clean Electricity Bill At End Of August.

76400,000 British Airways Customers Hacked, Hack Goes Public In Beginning Of September.

77Massive Environmental Cleaning Efforts Underway In California.

78Georgia School Reinstates Corporal Punishment For Students.

79Colin Kaepernick Inks Deal With Nike.

80Mac Miller Passes At 26 On September 7th.

81Border Patrol Serial Killer In Custody.

82Hurricane Florence Makes Landfall In North Carolina On September 14th.

83Study Finds Mediterranean Diet May Lower Risk Of Depression.

84France Prosecutes 1st Man Under New Anti Harassment Law At End Of September.

85Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Continues To Deny Sexual Assault Allegations.

86Brett Kavanaugh Sworn Into Supreme Court On October 6th.

87Washington State Supreme Court Rules Capital Punishment Unconstitutional On October 11th.

88The World Has Until 2030 To Fix Environmental Problems Report Finds.

89Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi Murdered on October 2nd.

9020 Pass Away In Limo Crash In New York On October 8th. Driver Lacked Appropriate License, Vehicle Failed Inspection.

91Fabolous Indicted On Four Felony Counts For Domestic Violence on October 10th.

92Canada’s Recreational Marijuana Law Goes Into Effect On October 17th.

93UN Predicts 13,000,000 At Risk Of Starvation In Yemen.

94D.C. Attorney General Begins Civil Investigation Into Catholic Church.

95Record Turn Out For Midterm Elections On November 6th.

96Trump Uses Military Action Against Asylum Seekers

97Ireland Abolishes Blasphemy Law On October 26th.

98NASA Retires Kepler Satellite.

99California Campfire Damage Is Massive.

100Saudi Government Admits Journalist Khashoggi Was Killed And Dismembered In Consulate.

101El Chapo Trial Begins In New York In November.

10213 Year Old Invents Safer Way To Treat Pancreatic Cancer.

103China Unveils 1st Ever A.I. News Anchor On November 9th.

104Federal Judge Reinstates CNN Reporter’s Press Pass After White House Revokes Access.

105Rapper Tekashi 69 Arrested on Weapons and Racketeering Charges On November 19th.

106Group Of Scientists Vote To Officially Change What A Kilogram Is.

107FDA Fast-tracks Magic Mushrooms To Treat Depression.

108Scientists Warn El Niño Weather Phenomenon Possible In 2019.

109Former Trump Lawyer Pleads Guilty To Misleading Congress.

110Ukrainian Parliament Votes To Impose Martial Law.

111Trump Administration Wants Supreme Court To Consider Banning Transgenders From Military.

112Amanda Bynes Makes a Comeback After Years Of Sobriety.

113Charges Dropped Against Jazmine Headley, 23, Arrested By NYPD.

114Judge Approves No Jail Time Plea Deal For Rapist Jacob Anderson.

115Threat To Journalists At Highest Level In 10 Years, Report Says.

116Yellow Vests Protests Begin In France.

117New Zealand To Vote On Legalizing Pot In 2020.

118Senate Approved First Stephanie Act, A Major Criminal Justice Reform.


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