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Vanessa Hudgens Style Evolution:


Vanessa Hudgens successfully turned herself into a style icon after her previous years as a Disney Channel star. Whether the 30-year-old actress is roaming the streets or strutting her stuff on the red carpet, she never fails to have all eyes on her.

A fashion icon is defined as a well-known person who is often spoken of as being highly fashionable. Hudgens has rocked a variety of outfits ranging from edgy to boho-chic—continuing to blow us away with her fashion choices thus far.

Over the past 10 years, Hudgens style has improved immensely—leading to her title as a style icon to men and women all over the world. Check it out below.

Credit: PA Photos
2008 – Vanessa Hudgens can be found wearing a black, strapless top and greyscale, layered skirt to the 2008 Teen Choice Awards.
Credit: Pinterest
2009 – Vanessa Hudgens is rocking a floral print dress with violet heels on the yellow carpet.
2010 – Vanessa Hudgens is strutting her stuff in a black t-shirt, grey pants, and heart-shaped sunglasses.
Credit: WENN
2011 – Vanessa Hudgens is wearing a bright yellow maxi-dress.
Credit: Alamy
2012 – Vanessa Hudgens is wearing a floral tube top, with denim shorts, and a long, sleeveless cardgian.
2015 – Vanessa Hudgens wore a floral, boho-inspired dress to the 2015 Video Music Awards.
Credit: @vanessahudgens
2016 – Vanessa Hudgens is wearing a bohemian inspired outfit—modeling a red, floral two-piece.
Credit: @vanessahudgens
2017 – Vanessa Hudgens rocked the blue carpet in a crimson red mini dress, with a sheer skirt and sleeves.
Credit: @vanessahudgens
2018 – Vanessa Hudgens is wearing a rose inspired dress in the color peach.

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