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California singer-songwriter MANE releases TWO debut singles


East African born and California-based artist MANE released two debut singles, “P.O.V” and “Another One.” Although she has been singing her whole life, starting with choir in elementary school then progressing into theater arts in high school, she recently had an epiphany to come back to her first true love—music.

MANE’s voice is developed and her ability to tell story in song is impressive. So far from what we can tell she showcases a sound with a mixture of R&B and POP like a mix between The Weeknd and Jhene Aiko.

She sites her current influence to be MASEGO saying, “I love how smooth and incredible he is as a story teller.” She also said,  “I grew up listening to SADE, her voice gave me the confidence to use my lower range and speak even when I sing.”

We can expect her debut EP “THE EAST” in the beginning of 2019. She tells EMCEE, “I consider my project to give homage to my culture as well as the spiritual meaning of “the sun always rises on the EAST”.”

P.O.V was her actual debut single that she released 3 months ago. This song features MANE singing in a sultry voice about a man who has a point of view that stems in who she was, not who she is now. She sings, “Show me something new baby, a different point of view baby.”

Another One is her second single where she speaks about a man who she thought was “the one” but he lied to her and ruined the relationship. She tells him to go find “another one.”

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