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Detroit artist HAV releases dark mixtape entitled “thesometimestheory”


Detroit-born artist HAV just released thesometimestheory mixtape at the end of summer 2018 coming in at 10 tracks with a range of sound. The project starts off with a poetic introduction track and the songs that follow stay consistent with that sentiment.

HAV told us, “I wrote this for the peaks of the high you feel when life works in your favor and the lows you feel trapped under when life does everything to work against you. Sometimes its hard to tell the difference. This is the project about those times.”

The second track on his project titled “Sometimes” expresses a dark mood reminiscing about times of enduring pain. The song begins soft and builds into a hard and angry cadence.

Half way through we make it to “Hazel”, which is the most popular track on the project. He spits bars like “the suffocation got me swimming out in troubled waters, still fighting all the lessons that the devil taught us.”

The project ends with “RC13” that starts off nostalgic of a previous era. He goes into a more confident mood, thanking God and telling listeners “you’ll never see the end of me.”

With such thoughtful lyrics and a refined flow, we’re excited to see what comes next from HAV.

Take a listen for yourself:

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