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You are player 1 in your life. You are the representation of God/The Universe in your life. You deserve to be at your best, mentally, physically, emotionally & creatively. Allow yourself to silence all the noise and focus on you so you can be your best self and live your best life. It is extremely easy to get caught up in the busy day-to-day, but you shouldn’t let yourself take a backseat. No one wins in that scenario.

Here are a few ways you can reflect and better yourself daily in order to create a healthier more progressive future for your creations & the universes most precious creation, you!

1. Elevate yourself

Compile a list of affirmations to say daily. So often we focus on what we mess up or do wrong. Make a list of positive qualities about yourself. You have so many. Focus on these lists and use them daily. Tape them to your bathroom mirror so you never forget where they are and you’re forced to say them daily. Build your life around this new mindset you’re creating for yourself. Take a second to credit yourself for all the insurmountable obstacles you’ve survived, or lessons you’ve learned—and realize how far you’ve come. Try to see yourself through the eyes of those who love and value you. They don’t see imperfections, failures, and mistakes. What they see is love, never-failing love. Let that enlighten you too. more you live within your truths and strengths, the less your (sub) conscious will zero-in on your ‘weaknesses’.

2. Re-start & Refocus

You can restart your day and refocus your mindset, at any time. If you feel yourself going through a particularly difficult moment – stop, and restart. Breathe in and take a step back from whatever it is that you’re doing that is causing the need to reboot. The key point of this is to allow yourself to really get out of your head and decide what the next step is. Take a day off, take a short trip to get out of your routine, do whatever it takes to give yourself some mental rest.

3. Don’t get Dragged Into Negativity

People tend to find your buttons, and push them. Tale as old as time. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted from centering yourself, focusing your intentions and working towards your goals. Do not get drawn into negativity, it lowers your vibration. People who have nothing but negative things to say about you/everyone are unhappy with themselves. Never allow anyone to take you out of character. Support your loved ones and their dreams. Love as you’d want to be loved. We can all be our best selves and live our best lives. You can. You will. The end.

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