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LYFE released his debut single “Ghost” with another on the way


Canadian R&B/Soul artist LYFE released his debut single “Ghost” on October 31st. The artist has already seen an immense amount of interest with thousands of streams and new fan pages popping up left and right.

LYFE showcases an image and sound that feels deeply with “Ghost” speaking on the emotions he felt for a girl that it didn’t work out with. He tweets, “Sometimes the person you would jump in front of a train for is sitting right behind the wheel.”

His next song “Brxken” is dubbed as alternative r&b and is releasing on November 26th. We’re told the song is about being in a rut that you feel you can’t escape from and running out of tokens to play the game of life. We’re looking forward to what he has to say this time.

Listen to “Ghost” below and stay tuned for what’s next!

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