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Bobby Supreme drops new project “ULTRAsound~Maniac” with innovative sound


Texas artist, Bobby Supreme just released his second album “ULTRAsound~Maniac” following up his 2017 project “Inauguration” that dubbed two singles including “Inaugural Speech” and “Freedom.” This album brings an innovative sound with unique production, Kanye West-inspired vocal effects and 13 tracks.

UTLRAsound~Maniac is a contemporary narrative about a boy trying to find a better, and possibly perfect, version of himself by traveling through his mind to uncover what’s needed.

This album specifically analyzes Bobby Supreme’s continuous mental state and personal struggles with depression, anxiety, body image, sexuality, masculinity, ego and love.

Bobby La’Supreme’s second project and first commercial debut album, ULTRAsound~Maniac is a new sound that he says is strongly inspired by the likes of Kanye West, Bon Iver, Francis and the Lights, The Weeknd, Paramore and a few others.

Take a listen for yourself.

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