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Preview: Lil Ugly Mane, No Warning, and More @ El Club 10/20/18


An artist’s relationship with notoriety and recognition has always been a complicated aspect of music, but in the age of the internet it has become even more apparent (or elusive, as it may seem). Your Google searches are probably as good as mine, but as far as I can tell, Lil Ugly Mane has maintained a safe distance from underground rap celebrity while still establishing a fanbase that has followed him through a meandering path of projects and styles.

A Bandcamp Daily article provides at least a relatively solid context: after coming up with Miami’s Raider Klan (of which SpaceGhostPurpp was a member), the Richmond, Virginia producer/rapper has made a career out of brash and raw darkness that sounds at home with today’s Soundcloud rap scene despite predating it significantly. His Uneven Compromise EP is the latest contribution to Apple Music, existing as a 10+ minute track comprised of multiple different sections, which could all be considered tracks in themselves. 2012’s Mista Thug Isolation is a must-listen, featuring a Denzel Curry feature from before he become one of the prominent names in an aggressive, honest, and uncompromising corner of hip hop.


On a different yet related end of the musical spectrum, No Warning will co-headline the tour stop with their time-tested brand of hardcore, riding a relatively new wave of momentum that began with their first release in over 10 years, 2017’s Torture Culture. In a conversation with Revolver, frontman Ben Cook (who played with the group Fucked Up during No Warning’s hiatus) describes the journey that led the group to where they are now, mentioning at one point: “It’s all been really fucking awesome — we’re definitely feeling that energy. The times right now — it’s fucking crazy.” I think most would certainly have to agree, in these times of political heresy and overall stomach-churning chaos, there breeds an anger that might be most constructively manifested in music, if not also a concerted effort to bring change.


With these two acts at the helm, the night promises to be heavy, to say the least. Upon scanning the notably long list of supporting acts, I’m also drawn to a performance by Wolf Eyes’ Nate Young and a set from hardcore instrumentalist turned DJ Black Noi$e, and to be honest, anyone else that I don’t know must be good if they’re considered worthy of sharing that bill.

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