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Flight Gang DraE drops one of the top underground hip hop EP’s of 2018


Florida artist, Flight Gang DraE’s most recent project dropped as a 5-track EP titled September 17th. The project is centered around DraE’s spirituality and features vocal effects to create a conversation between himself and his Higher Self. September 17th has a real hip hop sound with beat slicing bars and clever word play with a smooth yet edgy flow but what stands out is the creativity of each song–it is refreshing.

DraE is a true craftsman with the pen, writing everything from real life events to vivid stories that you can see as you listen. DraE is also the owner of G4MG/WorthMillions, which is an independent label.

All the tracks on the album are great but we wanted to highlight ‘Shining’ that features female vocals that brings us back to the early 2000’s.

SEPTEMBER 17th is now available on every streaming platform.

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