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Detroit Native Switches Lanes From Music to Fashion with ‘Motive Jeans’ Launch


In a world of t-shirt brands, Motive Jeans clearly isn’t one of them. With a “motive” of their own, this Detroit brand which officially launched Aug. 11 offers a range of clothing items. Inspired mainly by the legendary Ralph Lauren, with timeless and quality in mind, Motive Jeans carries denim, handbands, hoodies, crop tops, pullovers and more.

The denim, designed by founder and owner, Kyle E. Reed, and brought to life by Bobby Ladan, was a concept thought of years prior during Reed’s college days as a Business Management major. The creative later dabbled into the music business working with artists such as Ace Hood, Dusty McFly, Icewear Vezzo and more.

“I was always a music head, but I was always a fashion head too. I just wasn’t bold enough to jump out, and just up and do fashion,” Reed says.

Reed then eventually found himself translating his music into clothing with his streetwear brand which music artists also took a liking to. Although he didn’t intend to start from the ground up, he was desperate for the opportunity to get his creative juices flowing through the fashion industry.

With no intentions of creating his own lane in the industry initially, he says he had to grow up and start from scratch with the help of his partner Jimmy Whisperz, partial owner.

I would say “growing up” definitely paid off. Now artists like Dej Loaf, who is also a Detroit native, have been spotted drippin’ on Instagram in Motive.

When asked “Why Motive Jeans?” Reed responds, “Everyone has a motive. It’s a motive to everything.” So, I guess you could say this brand’s “motive” is to never slow up in the fashion lane. What’s yours?

Check out the video from their official pop-up launch below:

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