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Murph Releases Freestyle Cover to Jay Rock’s Win


Murph has been working hard to bring his visions to life—releasing his highly anticipated “Position of Power” EP in 2017. Two weeks ago, he dropped his new mixtape called “MurdaMar,” which was hosted by DJ Killa K.

Murph shot a quick visual for “More Wins,” which was directed by Dre Films and Rob Dade. The music video features cameos by South Florida artists, Webbz and Stress Ali. The visual for More Wins is a cover of Jay Rock’s “Win.”

The emerging merchandise brand POH (Pursuit of Happiness) Lifestyle is featured throughout the video, doubling as a solid look-book for the brands latest designs.

Listen to Murph’s latest mixtape “MurdaMar,” featuring Klean Söze, Webbz, Stress Ali and TxTHEWAY with production courtesy of Rich Eye Am, Djay Cas, Midus and Da Titans at your preferred digital outlet:

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/murdamar/1435622401

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3RFsX2NlU0zRUgUKRHrfUu?si=k7Y1FXOQStunLMVtoyThaw

Tidal: tidal.com/album/94745346

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