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Dual interview with New Jersey artists Sevn and Obey Master P


Sevn on the left and Obey Master P on the right.

Obey Master P and Sevn are two artists from Philadephia that collaborate regularly. They met as kids and developed a working relationship beyond their long term friendship when they were both interested in following their musical dreams. They continue to push each other forward in their careers. Here’s their story.

Tell us about your stories, where you came from, how each of you grew up.
Obey Master P: I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I grew up with my immediate family along with my grandma and moved to Sicklerville, New Jersey when I was 8. My parents worked a lot so I’d really just be around my favorite people in the world—my siblings. I spent a lot of time playing games with my younger brother such as Halo, GTA, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, Spider-Man, etc. Basically anything to keep us occupied from not doing our homework and all the while being incredibly influenced by my older sister. She was one of the main people in my life that helped push me into my individuality. A lot of the things she was into that I grew accustomed to where things that were out of the “norm” of an average black kid. She was a misfit and turned me into one, but I appreciate that because who the fuck wants to be like everyone else? That’s lame as shit. My parents were always supportive but my siblings raised me into what I am today.

Sevn: I was born in Philly, lived there til I was about 7. Then I moved to Sicklerville, NJ, and I just mainly played basketball as I grew up. I ended up moving again and from there I went to two different high schools and the school I graduated from was where I played the most basketball. It was cool, I don’t really care for it anymore. My childhood was pretty regular, don’t remember much but from what I do I enjoyed it.

Can you tell me about how each of you found your way into a musical path?
Obey Master P: Personally, I always been into music and all the sounds it had to offer outside of country. Growing up my sister used to put me on a lot of shit, from metal, to reggae, to rap, etc. So music has always been a big part of my life, especially because my sister practically raised me; but I started writing around 17 when I get in my feelings about an issue and just wanted an outlet. On top of that two of friends were pursuing this rapping shit so that also motivated me to at least give it a shot.

Sevn: I have always had a love for music. No matter what I was doing or where I was going there was always music playing. Over time I just made it a priority to listen to music whenever I get a chance. Til this day if I’m somewhere I don’t have to constantly talk to people, I have headphones in. My love of music turned into me curating a sound of my own

And how did you two meet?
Obey Master P: I met kevin in 4th grade, over a mutual friend’s house and since then we’ve been pretty close.

Sevn: I met that yellow nigga in 4th grade when his head was too big for the rest of his body. He switched into my class after he was removed from his. We had a mutual friend Shaq and we ended up all becoming really close and then I met a Chinese man named Kursh in the 6th grade (maybe probably beforehand) next thing you know we got a whole gang.

How would you describe your sound to new fans?
Obey Master P: My sound is unique, I rarely rap the same in any of my songs. I just like to present real shit.

Sevn: My music could be described as the fine line between conscious and new age rap. I really just make a song off the vibes I’m getting from the beat or something I’m going through. Nonetheless all of my music is something you can roll up and smoke too.

Who would you like to collaborate with in 2018? Why?
Obey Master P: If I could collaborate with anybody, I would want it to be with Earl Sweatshirt, Lucki, and Andre 3000 just because sonically I think we’d sound fire together, but I plan on broadening my musical styles through time. I really want to work with a lot of female artist such as: Jorja Smith, and The Internet. I feel as though women really run this music shit in the long haul.

Sevn: Trapo, Reddish Blu and Warhol.ss are my top I’m pushing to work with. Eventually I want to work with Mick Jenkins, Isaiah Rahsaad, and Earl Sweatshirt.

How do you separate yourself from other artists in the game?
Obey Master P: Separating myself from artist really does’t do anybody any justice because I feel like at the end of the day, we’re all just artists. Everyone’s different and everyone has their own version of their own story to tell, whether that be through music, videography, paintings, or anything of that nature. So without sounding cliche, I think what separates me from the pack is the fact that I’m just another 1 in 7 billion.

Sevn: I try not to sound like everyone, a lot of artists that are getting put on right now relatively have the same sound. I just make sure if I have a hook it stands out and it’s something that everyone can vibe too. When it comes to a verse, I don’t want to have the same flow over and over. That’s one of the main things I complain about when I’m listening to other artists. I get bored of things fast. I assume everyone feels the same.

What is next for you guys? Tell us about any projects you’re currently working on.
Obey Master P: I actually have a lot of ideas on what I want to do and where I want to go. I have a couple projects I’ve been working on myself but the world will see when I’m ready to present. You can’t rush a process, at that point it’s just a job and I like to experience and have real correlation between my real life and rhymes.

Sevn: Right now I am finalizing a collab EP with a producer named Fo55il. As a team we are currently working on finishing Gleams EP. I just dropped a song on Apple music and Spotfy.

Who are your favorite producers in the game?
Obey Master P: Never really been big on producers, and don’t get me wrong I know that they’re real ones to be recognized because without them most of our artist wouldn’t be who they are today, but to answer your question I feel like they are all talented. If I had to pick the best I’d probably say Kanye, but I don’t have a favorite producer.

Sevn: Ricci Riera is hands down my favorite producer, Kanye is the goat of course even though he says anything, and Brent Rambo is pretty fire too.

What is something each of you have learned from your journey as an artist?
Obey Master P: In my journey, I’ve learned to not trust anyone or anything unless it’s God or your intuition and to never stop working, but to never be pressed for things that are supposed to flow naturally. Work on your own time, and always try your best whenever you’re working and things just play out how you want them to.

Sevn: So far I just learned that no matter what the situation your in you just need to project your emotions into music. Make sure everything thing you make is in its purest form. Never let people or unimportant things cloud anything your doing. This is my art I can’t let anyone fuck with it or fuck with me.

Do you have any other dreams and goals in life that go beyond music?
Obey Master P: I have a lot of personal goals outside of music, just because although music is a passion of mine there’s no guarantee that being a famous rapper is in my deck of cards. I mainly have a lot of money moves I plan on pursuing but that’s for me to know and for you to find out, but I can tell you a priority in my life is to be help for those with no help, leading people to be better and see things from a perspective other than their own.

Sevn: Outside of music I would love to venture off into fashion. Nothing crazy, I’m a fan of the basics so I would really just want to put my spin on the essentials people wear daily. Long term I want to open a bar.

Last question, what is one message you want to send your fans?

Sevn: At the end of the day do what makes you happy and get to know God because none of this shit really even matters.

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