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Tackling Police Brutality: Hip-Hop Film “The System” Hits Theaters 9.28


Film Director, Irin Daniels, gets ready to majorly release his indie film, The System, across the country in select markets. The film is an extremely culturally relevant story, touching on police brutality and social injustices targeting people of color. Previously, seen in local markets and social media, the movie has a massive following and has been a popular choice at African American film festivals.

Vastly different lives become intertwined after a police officer suffering from reoccurring PTSD mistakenly shoots a deaf African-American kid, exposing layers of racial tension and corruption within the political, judicial and prison systems. The System provides a thought-provoking, multilayer landscape that touches on themes of corruption, racism, and prejudice while exploring the intricate and complicated perspectives from all sides of these issues.

207 N. Maryland Ave.
Glendale, CA 91206

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 The System
Genre: Drama / Crime Thriller / Special Interest
Production Co.: Marmera Pictures
Rating: Not Rated (suitable for mature audiences)
Runtime: 92 min
Notable Cast:
MC Magic  – Mexican-American Latin/HipHop star (1.8 million social media followers)
Tino Cochino – Hip-Hop Radio personality – syndicated in over 25 cities nationwide
Owen Conway – Suburbicon, Krampus: The Reckoning


In Theaters:
9/28 Los Angeles
10/5 Phoenix, Tucson, Denver, Chicago, Fort Wayne
10/8 Dallas
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