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Mac Miller ‘GO:OD AM Tour’ Show Review (2015)


The following is a concert review from Mac’s 2015 Spokane live show.

Mac Miller stopped by The Knitting Factory in Spokane as part of the northwest leg of his GOOD AM tour. Tickets were sold out for weeks prior to the event and as everybody gathered onto the floor the show kicked off with rapper Alexander Spit, who took the audience on a ride with a mix of beats that he made himself using Ableton. Alexander did a great job of getting the crowd warmed up for the upcoming acts. For the second half of Mac Miller’s set, I was actually standing and dancing right next to Alexander Spit and his QT girlfriend.

As our ride with Alexander ended there was a brief intermission before Domo Genesis came on stage, riding the momentum the crowd has already built. To me, it seemed the crowd died down a bit during Domo’s act, maybe due to the fact that he sprinkled a lot of comedy into his act, just being a funny dude. Domo explained that his time was running out, but they were giving him 10 more minutes. “You can’t give a (guy) like me 10 extra minutes”, he continued, running around stage, humping various stage equipment. Domo’s set ended with his verse from OF song, ‘Rustie’ and his song produced by Flatbush Zombies, ‘SS4’

After Domo we waited through an intermission that felt too long, with “We want Mac” chants breaking out every now and again. The lights cut and Mac Miller’s  2012 single ‘Loud’ started blasting with Mac running onto the stage with no introduction, the crowd thus being thrown into instant insanity. Mac played through a lot of songs on his new album GOOD A.M. as well as a few from his previous albums. A few songs in Mac explained that this was his first time in Spokane, and that a previous scheduled concert in Spokane had to be canceled due to him getting caught up at the Canadian border. Further explaining how he had just performed in Eugene, Oregon the night before, the audience erupted into a “Fuck Eugene” chant. Mac continued to express his gratitude towards the  lively Spokane audience, heavily interacting with them during and between songs.

When Mac and friends left the stage, Encore chants broke out immediately and lasted for about a minute before Mac and all of the previous performers came back on stage, performing an incredible 4 song encore, including more hits from previous album and another song, ‘Jump’, from his current album, which got an amazing response from the crowd when he asked if he could  play it, which pleased Mac because apparently he “hadn’t played the song in months.” Alexander Spit and Domo joined Mac Miller and Goldlink on stage taking selfies with the crowd, having fun, and ending the night on a feel-good note.

I will say that I was under the impression that Goldlink would be performing, but instead was only Mac’s hype man. This was unfortunate because I had missed Goldlink at Sasquatch and really wanted to see a few of his songs live. That didn’t happen.

A solid performance and a solid crowd mixed to hopefully bring more Mac Miller concerts to Spokane in the future. The sold out crowd showed much love to Mac and he showed it right back. In the future, I hope to review GOOD AM, stay tuned friends.

Thank you Mac Miller for your contributions and influence on countless lives. May you rest in peace and be remembered forever. 

Born in Portland Oregon, Joe Reitan was raised to fulfill his sense of freedom and ambition. He moved to Eastern Washington as a teen, going down several paths such as computer engineering, competitive football and baseball, and was successful in his local FBLA and DECA clubs on a state level. At 18, Joe took steps towards his real passion, music. Creating his own website to post his content as he dove ever deeper into the world of music, he looked to bypass the traditional ways of life that he felt were so unfit for him.

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