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J’Demul Puts St. Louis On The Map With New Visual For ‘Pair of Dice’


Newcomer, J’DEMUL is bringing St. Louis to the forefront with his latest music video for “Pair of Dice.”

Directed by Louis Quatorze, the video takes viewers on a ride through the city’s most deprived neighborhoods, and outside the gates of its wealthiest communities, for a visual take on J’DEMUL’s quest for upward mobility.

“Tears streaming down my face, sometimes this pain I can’t take, baby momma act a way so now I’m going my way. It’s like a nigga lost his way and now I’m going astray. Father, I need you…”

The new artist raps through a vivid stream of consciousness over the jazz-inspired record, as he rolls a pair of dice and chants, “I got money on my mind…”

“Pair of Dice” appears on his latest EP ’17th,’ recently released on August 17th.

A follow up to his well-received 2016 EP, #STLAVE, ’17th’ represents a fresh start for the budding artist, who’s overcome witnessing the fatal shooting of his cousin, early fatherhood and more, while maneuvering through some of the toughest neighborhoods of St. Louis, MO.

Despite numerous setbacks, the up and comer has made a name for himself amongst the new wave of emerging talent that’s come out of the Midwest. His introspective lyrics and laid back sound has landed him features in Okayplayer, DJBooth and VIBE this year alone.

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