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Everything You Need To Know: YesJulz x Puma NRG Capsule Collection


It’s a special feeling when you accomplish a goal as elaborate as an apparel and footwear line with your favorite brand. How does it feel? Great question. Someone has to ask Miami’s prized jewel, Julieanna Goddard.

Julieanna, widely known as YesJulz, is a 20 something national treasure and the living embodiment of the old saying, “work hard, play hard”. The Forbes 30 Under 30 marketing mogul got her start in Miami as a party promoter but her habit of #NeverNotWorking and her ambitious ideas has manifested into a successful entrepreneurial career. Julz has built a widely sought after all-female creative agency and propelled her artist 070 Shake to near super stardom as a talent manager. Julz has it all going on and more. Her latest venture, 1AM Entertainment, is on the cusp of blooming into a full fledged production wheel house.

It’s not all on-the-go as one would expect though, Julz has even found time to spearhead numerous projects that involve giving back to her hometown community in Miami, providing aid to those in third world countries as well as most recently launching her own foundation named the Little Rascals. In celebration of the NRG Capsule Collection, Julz and Puma have committed to donating $30K to Miami art program, Motivational Edge, by way of her foundation the Little Rascals.

In a way, all her hard work and preserverance has led her to this Puma collaboration. After a chance meeting with Emory Jones, one who works closely with Roc Nation, the pair would collaborate on a Puma project that eventually spurred what we are seeing today: a Puma x YesJulz capsule collection dubbed, NRG. The collection includes 4 pieces including Tights, Top, Hoodie and Sneakers ranging from $40 – $120, which is now live and available for purchase on puma.com.

The sneakers, Tsugi Shinsei “YesJulz”, have a black and white athletic build with accents of neon yellow and indigo paired with side laces and the Julz signature on the outermost surface. The apparel perfectly compliments the shoes but the hoodie is a stand out piece in vibrant “nrgy yellow”. Purchase pieces from the collection online or during the PUMA NRG Tour beginning August 17th at Concepts in Boston, followed by Wish ATL on August 18th, Shoe Gallery in Miami on August 23rd, and Madison Bevery Hills in LA on August 25th.

YesJulz is easily one of the most influential of this generation in multiple ways: simultaneously opening new doors while destroying tired barriers and lame stereotypes. While the competition can only think of ways to match her hustle, the spectators and supporters wonder and possibly wait to see what else she has up her sleeve next.

Find the collection at puma.com and connect with Julz on Twitter and Instagram @YesJulz.

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