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Track Review: “Complicated” by Mura Masa



UK producer Mura Masa has come a long way from making beats in his bedroom. Since coming to prominence in 2014 with his track “Lotus Eater”, Masa has had an amazing run, making memorable hits like “Firefly” and “What if I Go” and dropping his 2017 eponymous album which featured the likes of Damon Albarn, A$AP Rocky, and Charli XCX. Now he’s back again with his latest single, “Complicated”, co-produced by Skrillex and featuring the soulful UK vocalist NAO.

Complicated is a summer banger. The instrumental is sweet and dancehall-tinged featuring a driving bassline, sparkling toned percussion, and understated synth chords. The saccharine instrumental is mesmerizing, so much so that it belies NAO’s pretty, but ambivalently devoted musings on the one she loves. Her soulful vocal performance and vulnerable lyricism are what truly make the track an amazing listen. 


Check out “Complicated” here.


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