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DH Worldwide Displays ‘Desire’ On His Debut Album


Who Is He?

The American rapper Dhamiri Hughes-Pettigrew, better known as DH Worldwide, hails from Camden, NJ. Clearly a talented wordsmith, he blends witty lyrics with soulful samples, which adds a nostalgic feel. He cites his main influences as Kanye West, 50 Cent & Lil Wayne, which he spent his youth listening to. As an adolescent, DH was fully invested in a career as a football player but, as he grew older, his interest began in the direction of music. He recorded his first song at the age of 16 in the basement of his aunt’s house in Camden, along with cousin Jeremiah (PoP Kulture) & close friend Norwick (Creator of Endigo Society). Through the years, DH was unable to maintain focus on his music. There were some things that caused his pursuit to be halted.  After all that happened, the decision he made was to fully dedicate all of his time and effort to making a life change. 5 years later, DH has found that poise & is ready to release the project he has been working on day and night for the past two years. Desire. 

The Music

‘Desire’ comes to us straight off the heels of DH Worldwide’s EP, ‘Session 1:53’. In the age of compacted albums, this is no exception. It gives 10 songs at a little under 30 minutes, but don’t let that discourage you from expecting quality material As aforementioned, He has spent the past two years working on this project and it shows with how well put together the album is. In order to have a better listening experience, the concept behind this body of work should be understood. The focus behind what you will hear is the expression of power, money, love adoration and sex. Those topics in particular are things that many feel that they need or want, which makes the music that more relatable. Throughout ‘Desire’, one can tell that DH resents those who he feels is not in his corner as well as assuring wealth and carefree living to those that are.

To go with the latter thought of promising lavish lifestyles as a reward for loyalty, ‘Adventure’ (which is the first song), ‘Girlfriend’ and ‘Superstar’ puts it on full display. Those songs also show his level of confidence. For instance, on ‘Superstar’ DH says, “I be takin’ my time on it/ middle finger to my opponent”. 

The subjects don’t stop there though.  This album deals with much internal reflection and real-life thoughts and issues pertinent to not only the artist, but the listener as well. On tracks such as ‘Women’ and ‘Lie To Me’, DH Worldwide is haunted by the thoughts of love lost, as it is certain some individuals share in those same regrets.

Hope is not all lost. ‘Promise’ and ‘Simplistic’ shows that he leaves the door open for potential love in the future.

Aside from some of the  main points of love and living comfortably, DH adds to the substance that this album already contains. ‘Mass Appeal’ and ‘You With It’ are included to show off his rapping ability and ego. More so leaning to ‘You With It’, He brings the flow as well as a hook that’s sure to stick with you.


The Verdict

Overall, as a debut , DH Worldwide delivered a solid album. Short, to the point and concise. Even with the amount of songs here, he did not sacrifice quality. The production is decently thought out and works well for the structure of his project and topics that are relatable. The features that are included (Desmond Dennis, Brialisse,  PoP Kulture and Justice Norwood) are cohesive and compliment the songs nicely. There is much potential here for DH and it can be sure he is making Camden and NJ as a whole proud.



Stay In The Know & Listen To ‘Desire’ Here:

FaceBook: DH Worldwide

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Twitter: @dhworldwide_

‘Desire’: https://soundcloud.com/dhworldwide/sets/desire


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