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Alec The God with an upcoming tape ‘Sagas Of A Fallen Angel’


Alec The God announced he has a new mixtape on the way entitled “Sagas Of A Fallen Angel”, which is set to release early September 2018 with around 12 tracks.

In response to what the new mixtape encompasses, Alec said, “my experiences and raw emotions through the past 6 months with with my girl and losing a friend and just trying to stay on the ball in the midst of not really knowing what’s going on around me or how to process everything but still managing to slide through.”

As a follow-up to “Last Words Pt 1”, which boasted over 40,000 streams on Soundcloud, Alec The God plans to include “Last Words Pt 2” in Sagas Of A Fallen Angel.

“The success of “Last Words Pt 1” was not as influential to the direction I’m heading now as it was the self realization that came with it. It was when I was beginning to find my sound. That part of my career was a very experimental time and I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with my music or where I should go with it. I just knew I had something to say and at that time I felt I articulated what my “last words” were perfectly for how I was feeling.”

“I thought it would be cool for the listeners that have been there from the start to see my progression and how my way of thinking and myself in general have changed.. So I decided to make “Last Words Pt 2″ for almost my own nostalgia and because I felt I had grown a lot and could present it more effectively with were I am at now compared to the first installment.”

A Final Word:



“My music is raw emotion. As I got older music became one of my only outlets for that kind of stuff. No matter how hopeless I was feeling or how hard shit got, it was a glimpse of hope and what was possible. My music has always been me trying to figure stuff out in my own head and hopefully help others do the same. I’d like to say I make conscious music mixed with a more melodic sound because the substance and awareness is there delivered in a way that’s a little easier to swallow for the average listener but still gems in there that old heads can go back and find something new just about every time they listen.”

Alec The God is a part of Rouge Records but currently managed by CLASSICAL MANAGEMENT.

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