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Childish Gambino Drops Sunshine, Calls it Music


With Gambino season in full effect, one can say it has seen a couple storms. The fallout from his sociopolitical track, “This is America” has started a dialogue in the form of high praise, parody videos, and songs as well as some criticism. Soon after the release, Gambino was accused of plagiarizing Jase Harley’s “American Pharoah” (you be the judge). Furthermore, the rumor mill circulated with an ensuing legal battle between Gambino and his label, Glassnote Records, over unpaid royalties but has since been denied. Childish Gambino’s response to all the recent flak: Summer Pack EP. A two track day and night tonal immersion that has generated a dialogue of its own: “Summertime Magic” vs “Feels Like Summer”.

“Summertime Magic” (STM) plays with the idea of love culminating in the Summer as opposed to the usual flings that take place. This is to the backdrop of an extremely bouncy bass line and Gambino’s dreamy delivery. The harmony is something to be heard.

“Feels Like Summer” (FLS) equates the Summer weather to being with that special person. The dream like harmony is amplified and creates more of a campfire anthem appeal.

“Summertime Magic” can be described as the FEELS while “Feels Like Summer” is the WAVY of the pair. STM is more of a day time vibe that can put one in a nostalgic daze during the Summer heat. Comparatively, FLS is more of a night time vibe where one would walk into an event with the breezy humidity influencing the crowd through the attire and the general cheerfulness. Both compliment each other perfectly. Childish Gambino has shaped yet another aspect of the human experience into musical masterpieces, Summer.

Listen and enjoy the sounds of Summer here:

Listen to Summer Pack by Childish Gambino #np on #SoundCloud

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