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The Largest Public Art Campaign in U.S. History Needs You!


As young people, we have seen how America has transformed dramatically within the past couple of years. The importance of how social issues are affecting people is being stressed more and more each day, even though huge problems still continue to arise. This amazing campaign has a goal to bring awareness to society’s setbacks through artistic expression.

For Freedoms, an artist-led non-profit organization has teamed up with Kickstarter to launch the “50 State Initiative” campaign that will bring artist-designed billboards to every state in the U.S. (as well as Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia).These billboards are created by several local artists to encourage cultural and civic conversations on national issues.

Photo: Wyatt Gallery / For Freedoms

The goal is to help more people feel comfortable with being engaged in actually making moves on issues that can affect us while also providing encouragement to local artists to become community leaders.

The 50 State Initiative is an extension of the For Freedoms 2016 project which placed billboards designed by multiple artists in cities such as Flint, MI; Denver, CO; Miami, FL; Tallahassee, FL; Lexington, KY; New Orleans, LA and more. They want to expand this project now to bring awareness to the entire country.

According to Eric Gottesman, For Freedoms co-founder, “Art is vital to democracy and we want to bring it to the center of public life.”

By combining art with social activism, the For Freedoms team has a plan to create a platform that involves two things that literally go hand-in-hand. Art is a form of expression and what better way to express how people feel about this country than through art itself?

Photo: Wyatt Gallery / For Freedoms

What You Can Do To Help

Each campaign for each state has a fundraising goal of $3,000. For Freedoms is only asking $10 per person to help make this enriching campaign go completely national. As of now, 34 states have already completed their goal. As young people living in this country, we know that something has got to change. Why not help build an opportunity to encourage it?

Help out today by donating whatever you can here: https://creators.kickstarter.com/forfreedoms/

The deadline is TOMORROW July 3, 2018, so please make your donation as soon as possible!!!


Featured image: Wyatt Gallery / For Freedoms

Sage Sanders is a student at Central Michigan University pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in public relations with a minor in journalism. Sage is a proud supporter of her extremly influential culture and will stop at nothing to express that through her writing. She aspires to encourage young black women like herself that a life in journalism without conforming to social standards is achievable for them too. Her strong love for music, art, entertainment and anything unique has lead her to the amazing EMCEE network where she truly hopes to thrive and grow.

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