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Artist To Watch: Andre Greene


The Brooklyn Native, Andre Greene, begins his quest into the music industry with the release of his EP BetterDay$. The collaboration with production team,The Persona, displayed an experimental sound filled with lyricism.

We were able to catch up with Andre Greene to discuss his new project, his alter ego, the background story behind his phrase “Patient, Hungry, Humble” and more.

IMG_4043Andre Greene explains the title of his first EP as “Self-Explanatory”. He proclaimed the content of this EP to be his better days of living. He goes on to say “detailing his story vivid enough for the listener to envision”. Andre raves about working with The Persona. Claiming it was an excellent experience as they allowed him to show versatility in his music. He states “With this project, I allowed myself to experiment different methods to present the same message and just had fun with it”. This seven song EP has a little bit of everything to offer to the hip hop community.




When talking about the project further, we had to ask: Why the alter ego name TheChemistNYC? He begins to explain with a smirk on his face that his alter ego is the aggressor. “The alter ego is the more aggressive, more experimental side of me and Andre is the calm side of me. TheChemistNYC came to fruition after I started developing new elements to my craft”. Andre creates a breakdown of the phrase “Patient,Hungry,Humble” in three sections.

Patient: Having to weather the storm knowing the sun will shine one day. Acknowledging that making mistakes is part of the process and not being worried if the music will be praised immediately. Not allowing myself to fall victim to my environment by being comfortable with my situations. Just being the perfect opportunist.

Hungry: Always eager to work no matter what the circumstances are. If I am not in the studio, I’m at home writing music. If I’m not writing music, I am making beats. Constantly working on perfecting my craft. I work hard to complete a project so I can go back to working hard to complete other projects. Once the opportunity arises, I take advantage and showcase all that I work hard for.

Humble: Always appreciative from where I come from and the support system around me. I couldn’t become the musician I am today without the support I receive from my family and friends. Never taking for granted the opportunities that have and will be given to me.

Andre finishes the interview with this statement:


“This is not my first project in my music career but this was my first collaboration with the production group The Persona. We have more projects in the works and look forward to having a very successful 2018. I thank those who have listened and loved the music. I thank those who listened and hated the music. Remain Patient, Hungry, and Humble”.


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