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Artist to Watch: King Saaidi


King Saaidi has established himself as a promising new addition to the Detroit electronic music scene. Working with KMS Records and earning co-signs from the Saunderson family, things are looking good as Saaidi continues to evolve musically and professionally.

We caught up with King Saaidi after his appearance at TV Lounge back in March, and we’re eagerly anticipating tomorrow’s show, where he’ll once again be supporting Kevin Saunderson and the Saunderson Brothers (event link here).


B: First of all, tell us your name, what you do, and where we’re at right now.

KS: My name is Mo Saaidi, I produce and DJ under the name King Saaidi, and tonight we are at TV Lounge in downtown Detroit on St. Patrick’s day, the best holiday in the United States of America. Godfather of Detroit techno Kevin Saunderson is headlining, and he was gracious enough to give me the opportunity to play here tonight.


B: Right on. How did this opportunity come about?

KS: I’ve been working on my debut record/EP for the past couple months or so at the KMS records studio; Kevin, Dantiez, Damarii Saunderson, they’ve all been close family friends to me for a very long time. We were producing tracks and it started to sound good, my mixing has gotten a lot better since I first started last year, so Kevin and Dantiez asked me to be by their side on this one. 

B: Gotcha. So for those that weren’t here, explain to us what it’s been like tonight and what your approach was for the set.

KS: My approach was slow and steady wins the race. I started off pretty slow and comfortable for everyone coming in; I opened up so I knew people would just be getting started. Kept it pretty chill at 123, worked my way into higher bpm’s with some effects and whatnot, and eventually got it pretty slappin’.

B: So as an opener, how did it feel playing that set, keeping in mind that you were tasked with starting off the vibe? How do you feel you fit into the night as a whole?

KS: It felt really good, I was seeing people two-stepping, people starting to move. A few were even screaming on drops which was really dope. It’s a Paxahau party, so of course they’re always showing out, it was just a blessing to hang out and play for people who enjoy this type of music.


B: Backing up a bit, what was your introduction to music like? You said you started about a year ago?

KS: Yep, so I’ve been coming out to techno shows and festivals since I was a senior in high school, maybe around 2007. I’ve been around since DEMF was free, maybe around 2004 was when I first got introduced to techno. I’ve lived in a lot of different places, and I’ve always tried to bring that music with me. About a year ago I started to fall back a bit from the business that I owned at the time and started putting more of my energy and creative juices towards music; started mixing off and on, started producing, and now a year later we’re finally done with this EP. I just feel like I’m ready for what’s next.

B: Absolutely. So as an artist, can you describe to us where you’re at right now, and where you hope to be in the near future?

KS: I feel like I’m exactly where I want to be right now, which sounds crazy to actually say. If you would’ve asked me two weeks ago I might’ve said, “I don’t know,” but I feel like this EP is just a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders. Some pretty great artists have been feeling the tracks, a few labels I really like have showed interest, so I think I’m right where I need to be. The future isn’t so distant, the brightness is getting closer, gotta start putting the shades on now.


Catch King Saaidi as he opens up for Kevin Sanderson at TV Lounge on Saturday, June 16th. You can find the Facebook event here. Tickets can be purchased here.

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