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Reuben Alexander Hits a Million Views with New “Always There” Video


“Always There” by Reuben Alexander is an incredibly soothing song, and if it’s your first time hearing Reuben then you’re truly in for one of America’s best kept secrets. This guys’ voice is amazing. Also, Reuben recently joined Twitter, so throw him a follow after watching the video below.

Alexander’s previous musical endeavor Livin Out Loud found significant success in the UK, with press labeling them as America’s “best kept secret”. Other successes include a sold-out tour with Ne-Yo, charting in Europe and multiple singles going to #1.  The foundation of the new project is based on a core collaboration with Grammy Award Winning, RIAA Platinum Certified producer Josh Stevens.

Reuben’s upcoming LP In Reality, to be released later this year, encompasses Alexander’s unique ability to reflect on human emotions with emotive and introspective lyrics highlighting love, loss and hope. Alexander explains how storytelling and observing others including himself is at the root of all of his creative expression. “The songs can come from anywhere at anytime. I’ve had it happen in dreams and I record it right away. I can be in the shower, in the car or walking and something hits me”


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