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BFree Tells You the Odds


BFree has dropped his single “What Are The Odds” featuring Neisha Nesha and produced by Helluva. The beat is what sticks out at first. Simply put, it thumps. Once you make it past the soothing melody/hook from Neisha Nesha, the synth and bass kick in as BFree sprints out the block delivering bar after bar. The track asks what is the likelihood of things changing as life gets better, and one starts to accomplish goals. BFree stylistically compliments the beat through blunt lyrically delivery. Neisha Nesha’s voice is a great compliment to BFree aggressiveness. This combination, with Helluva’s production, create a killer track that is perfect for the upcoming summer season.

“What Are the Odds” APPLE MUSIC LINK

Check out BFree at one of his upcoming events to see what he has to offer. BFree is opening for Young Dolph at his show in Detroit, Michigan at Saint Andrews Hall. Those interested can cop tix through livenation.  If you can’t see BFree with Young Dolph then you have another chance for his single release party for “What Are The Odds” on June 8th.

Looking for more BFree? His first album Motor City Menace as well as his other tracks are available on your preferred streaming service and interact with BfFee on instagram.

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