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Andretti x Fraud Wash Us Ashore W/ The Marina EP




From Radar Tower’s intro, the shores of the marina, seagulls sqwaking overhead. The beat is the horn of a boat, grabbing your attention before morphing into a hypnotic saxophone, and another classic (La Musica de) Harry Fraud beat; Curren$y seeps through the background like smoke, you know, you’re in for an experience.


The Marina EP is another masterful production top to bottom. Curren$y (pronounced: currency) and Harry Fraud have linked up again! This time, an 8 project track spread that takes you on a voyage of the duo’s Marina: good times all summer at the marina w/ women,  selling cargo packs, stylish boats where the parties are held and water planes dropping weight with the cops attempting to snoop on the scene in the background with expertly placed effects and sound bites. Tracks like: 14 Packs, The Visitor and Scarab 38, detail quite an ordeal of moving weight with the border patrol hot on the case. The guests you meet along the way tell us about the weight they move. Smoke DZA and Action Bronson absolutely KILL IT on their features respectively.

The Marina Ep only gets better as the sun goes down. Tracks like Modena Moves, which has a smooth feature from French Montana, and Sundown in Eleuthera explain elaborate affairs that take place at night over the kind of sounds you’d hear as you tear through the water at 50 MPH and the wind in your hair.



If you listen to to the lyrics closely (which is a challenge to be honest due to Fraud’s amazing choice of sound throughout), you catch a sample of the, now, massive amount of tidbits of wisdom about love vs money, grinding and seeing your work pay dividends, fabulous cars and his blooming love affair with weed. This is showcased with On The Water and The Count. Curren$y warns you to get yours or lose it while Street Wiz shows you hustle to let you know that you, too, can achieve your optimal hustle. All this good is delivered by Fraud’s precise bass drops and melodies in On The Water. The real easter egg is The Count. For those out the loop, Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa are longtime collaborators going back years. Every time they get together it is some of the best feel good music ever. The Count is no different, two of America’s most Stoned add up their success (and their money) while dropping keys of success along the way in, what is sure to be, the next THC laced banger. One of the best beats on the EP, as it sports a serene sample reminiscent of Action Bronson’s just as serene sample on 9-24-11 from Blue Chips produced by Party Supplies.

None of this does the project nearly as much justice. It really must be heard on a nice Speaker (or headphone system) and enjoyed appropriately.

Huge amounts of respect and thanks for Harry Fraud and Curren$y for this time less classic.

None of this does the project nearly as much justice. It really must be heard and enjoyed appropriately.

I know there is so much music that is dropping and that has dropped over the last 168 hours, but you MUST fit The Maria EP into you summer 18 soundtrack rotation. Then keep it there.


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