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Nike Debuts Benassi “Fanny Pack” Slides Just in Time for Summer


The fanny pack wave cannot be contained: it is only getting stronger and stronger.

The resurgence of the convenient, zippered pouches has gone to the next level by catching the attention of one of the biggest lifestyles brands, Nike. Nike has combined the two summer trends of slides and fanny packs to present its new JDI Benassi “Fanny Pack” slides.


Each pair is equipped with a pint-size pouch on the strap and comes in three different colorways, including grey/black and 90’s inspired pink/purple/black and neon green/blue.

Nike has yet to officially release the Benassi “Fanny Pack” Collection. Once images have surfaced, Twitter raved with excitement on the endless, wacky items that you carry in the pocket slides. According to HypeBeast, the slides are expected to be released soon this summer. The original Benassi slides are an affordable $25 so one can assume they will hover around that same price range.

No doubt these sandals will be the staple piece to the summer wardrobe for festivals, concerts, and vacations. It’s always convenient to have a secure pocket to carry credit cards, lipgloss, spare keys and any possible tiny item you can think of. If you’re in the mood to try something new this summer, these Nike slides are the way to go; just don’t end up losing your shoes after removing them to grab an item.

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