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PJ Gifted Bursts The Bubble With New EP


The follow up to 2017’s Free Dubs, Bubble Off A Single EP lives up to the hype after being teased on the aforementioned mixtape. Some of the themes explored on this project are cautionary tales and observations from an alternative lifestyle.

PJ Gifted has definitely come a long way from Playa J. The Louisville, Kentucky native is a lyricist and songwriter with stories to tell. PJ Gifted delivers hard truths and life experiences over an overall head nodding, toe tapping, speaker thumping sound production. This is most apparent with songs like Fake and Big Difference that feature sounds and a delivery akin to the likes to Pusha T in the most subtle ways.

Those new to PJ Gifted’s sounds may compare it to the more familiar hip-hop era of the mid 00s-early 2010s. Which is very fresh to ears considering the influx of new wave artists.

Notable tracks: Fake, Big Difference, Handout

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Louisville lyricist and songwriter PJ Gifted is bringing his real life struggle to music with a series of new projects, each one dedicated to elevating his God-given gifts to new heights. In late 2017, PJ released his Free Dubs mixtape, a lively collection of freestyles and original tracks that hit all the major mixtape platforms in a matter of days. Bringing his I Am My Own Team label artists and producers to the table, the mixtape gave music fans a taste of what to expect from PJ’s recent release Bubble Off A Single album, as well as others to come in 2018.

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