Home News A Week In Review: April 25th – May 2nd, 2018

A Week In Review: April 25th – May 2nd, 2018



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The Good: Australia Donates Millions To Protect Reefs

This week the Australian government donated 500 million Australian dollars (377 Million US currency) in an effort to protect and invest in the Great Barrier Reef. The money will be utilized by the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, as well as federal parks and agencies. The reef which is responsible for approximately 6.4 billion in revenue each year as well as 64,000 jobs has been suffering over the past several decades from climate change, pollution, and a coral eating starfish. If the reef isn’t adequately cared for it could ultimately deteriorate completely which would disrupt the ecosystem that is home to thousands of other species’ including sharks, turtles and whales. The money donated will aid in caring for the reef and continued research on it’s deterioration while also securing thousands of jobs.


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The Bad: “Ghost Gear” Is Disrupting Our Waters

Although Mike Neil and his team of divers are doing their part to scour the seafloor for debris and pollution, they say the fight is far from over. Fishers off coasts across the world are leaving equipment such as netting, chains, buoys and other objects that are endangering the life of the animals beneath the surface. A report released by a London based Animal Rights group estimated that each year more 700,000 tons of gear accumulates at the sea floor while another non profit group in London believes the number may actually be higher. “Ultimately this could mean our oceans simply stop providing for humans in the many ways we now rely on them,” the report says.


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The Good: North & South Korea Sync Time Zones

Throughout the week North and South Korea have been in “productive talks” that could end the ongoing tension between the two countries. North Korea announced in 2015 that it would be returning to the way the country kept time before Japanese imperialism which set the country behind South Korea by 30 minutes. The Blue House in South Korea tweeted a photo of the two clocks located in the Peace House which initially sparked the recent change. North Korean President Kim Jong Yun apparently saw the picture and felt heart broken his neighboring country had become to divided. The small gesture has the rest of the world optimistic about future relations. Reports indicate talks between the two presidents and their cabinets still continues to be fruitful.

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 The Bad: Trump Administration Announces Deportation Of Thousands

Homeland Security announced this past Thursday that it will be ending the protected status of roughly nine thousand Nepalese citizens who’ve been in place since the earthquakes in Nepal in 2015. The department which says has it’s hands are tied by the law says that the government of Nepal has recovered enough from the crisis to support its nationals. Although officials claim Nepal is steadily recovering, reports from citizens of Nepal give a different account of the country’s status. Despite conflicting reports on Nepal’s status, Kirstjen Nielsen, director of Homeland Security said that those who were granted protected status will have oe year to leave or find another country of residence.



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The Good: Jihadist Faces International Court Charges

This week former Jihadist fighter and head of police Al Hassan Mahmoud appeared in court for his arraignment addressing his crimes against humanity. Al Hassan is charged with rape and torture by French police last year. Hassan and his 40 troops occupied the historic city of Timbuktu in 2012 and subjected it’s residents to cruelty and unjust treatment. Using his religious beliefs as justification for his actions, men and women were beaten and whipped for not adhering to his interpretations of Islam, women were forced to marry men in his platoon, often for only weeks or days leaving many young women pregnant and alone. In addition to imposing his strict new religious laws, he is also ccused for destroying ancient statues around the city he deemed idolatrous. Hassan is currently being detained in Paris until his trial begins.


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 The Bad: Cosby Sentenced In Rape Retrial

This week a jury convicted disgraced comic Bill Cosby of 3 counts of sexual assault. After the jury heard testimony from the victim, Andrea Constand and several other women it only took them two days to deliberate and come back with a guilty verdict. The initial complaint ended in a mistrial in June, however prosecution promised to retry Cosby. Constand said her and Cosby met at Temple University in 2004 and she had grown to think of him as a mentor. After turning down his sexual advances, she says one night she visited his home where he gave her three blue pills, alcohol and performed sexual acts on her without her consent. Although Cosby says the encounter was consensual, the victim’s mother testified that Cosby apologized to her over the phone and described in detail the events that occurred. Cosby, now 80 could face up to 10 years in prison.

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