Coming in hot off of a tour with Yung Pinch, and just before that, Lil Xan’s tour, Johnny Oz returned home to South Florida last week and put on a free show to let everyone know: he’s back! In the heart of Miami’s favorite neighborhood, everyone came out Wynwood Cafe Friday night to witness Jonnny Oz “and Friends” rage. 

Despite people all around the country getting to know his name from the aforementioned tours, plus the coveted slot in Rolling Loud’s lineup he’s secured, Johnny Oz is still the same humble, down-to-earth Broward boy that he’s always been. Not only was the concert free for 900+ RSVPs, but Oz hosted a meet a greet before the event to let fans slide through and get a picture or a hug with him before the madness. All the promotion for the event was done via social media where Oz teased that his “friends” would be dropping by for surprise performances. Not only was it a guaranteed good show already, but everyone was eager to see who was going to show up with surprise performances throughout the night.

Once the fans started rolling in and packing out the venue, local artists from Broward and Dade hopped on stage to hype up the energy in the building. Most notable to open for Oz was Broward county artist Charlee Bravo who went all in on the stage as he performed two of his latest tracks, Mill Run and Steez. While things were ramping up in the venue, local stars were popping up in the VIP section including WifisFuneral, Kie Money, Robb Banks and other Members Only- associated acts like Tankhead and Kid Trunks making it a true clout party.

On the side stage it was nothing but love between the artists who came through to support Johnny, it was dope to see the camaraderie amongst all of the up-and-coming artists of South Florida all there to have fun and turn up together. Once Johnny hit the stage it was clear that everybody was going to get their turn to show out and perform for the crowd. Johnny would perform, and then one of the guest artists would hop on stage with him and perform alongside him; at any point in time there was a whole crew on stage hyping the artists up. Tankhead kicked things up a notch when he came full-intensety and performed Hell Boy, inciting the crowd scream the words at the top of their lungs jumping up and down.

After that there was nowhere to go but up, seasoned artist Kie Money hopped on stage with Johnny and they performed Oz’s new single, Tatt my Name. Which followed with hype performances by Splash Zanotti and Tiurakhsushii. Coming through with a DJ set, Chief Pound showed out on stage with Oh Trapstar and did a mini-set, continuing the same great energy that started off the night. Johnny also introduced to the crowd, the newest member of his Loud Pack Lifestyle team, an artist that goes by 1804 Benji.

It was nothing but love from the performers raging on stage to the people who filled the room. Watching old friends link up and jump around rapping each others songs together was awesome to see, and only goes to show that South Florida artists are still taking over the underground scene and aren’t stopping anytime soon.

For anyone who came to the show, consider yourself lucky to get to witness this as a free event because it’s inevitable that Johnny Oz will be packing out venues for paid shows in the near future. And If you missed it, his next show will be at the highly-anticipated hip-hop festival in Miami, Rolling Loud. Get familiar with all is music and listen to his newly dropped track “Tatt My Name” on his SoundCloud:

The photos below can show you the amazing energy in the room better than any re-cap article can, so make sure to check out the full photo album of Johnny Oz and Friends. All photos by Carlos Gallego (@ybvisuals). 

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