24 year old Diamanté Harper has done nothing but make waves and sign deals since she dropped her debut ICY GRL last year. The video, which she directed herself, was so poppin’ it was viewed over 3.5 million times in just 3 weeks from it’s release date, October 2, 2017.

Bay area native, Saweetie has since been signed to Warner Bros. Records in partnership with her label, appropriately named Icy. We can look forward to her EP High Maintenance set for release March 16.

I’m sure she’s already on your list of 2018’s favorite fierce female rappers (a la Bardi, Nicki, Rico) but if I’m putting you on, here’s a bit about your new wifey:

Meet Saweetie/ Icy Facts:

  • Recently graduated USC with Degree in Communications, Minor in Business
  • Musical Influences: Nicki Minaj, Slick Rick, Trina, Foxy Brown, Teedra Moses, Lil Kim
  • Family In the Industry: Zaytoven – Cousin, MC Hammer – Uncle
  • Filipino, Chinese & Black
  • Inspiration for ICY GRL: “It was a hard time in my life, and I wasn’t where I wanted to be. So I wrote about things that could inspire me. It ended up being inspirational to other people and becoming popular. And I’m just thankful I was able to touch some people with that.”
  • She sold a line of hats online from a collection called The Money Club. A chance meeting with music industry veteran Max Gousse (Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Solange, Ty Dolla Sign) led to an invite to record her debut single.

Saweetie gained her supporters by recording freestyles in her car to old school beats and posting videos on Instagram. She has said that her followers on Instagram and Twitter motivated her to record ICY GRL and launch the single that elevated her career. Her self-spoiling, street-and-book-smart, confident quips are her trademark as well as the low-set comfortable tone she raps in.
Saweetie’s positive energy and understanding outlook on life makes her easy to love and support. She constantly stresses the importance of being independent, not allowing anything to prevent you from working hard towards your goal, not taking shortcuts in the industry, and how lucrative keeping a small circle is. She is down to earth and a dope MC. Looking forward to seeing what ICY has to come!

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