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A Talk with Ralph about his new project ReallyRalph, Vol.1


Where are you from?
Originally from South Bend , Indiana , currently residing in the state capital Indianapolis.

What are your thoughts on the music scene in your city?
I think we have a lot of talent here, you know Music is more than just words or a beat. It’s the way you can comply aesthetically is what determines good and bad.

Tell me how you got into music.
Music has always been in my blood from the “cleaning days” where I’d be awaken by my mother blasting as she cleans the house, to choir in church… it’s just always been around. However poetry is the real direct avenue, since I was kid I just loved to write all the time. I made poetry books about anything, the season, every holiday, food etc and would just challenge myself. As time went on and I learned how to record the radio using a cassette tape I would take my favorite song out and started to write to them in my little composition journal and since then it’s always been an outlet for me, I do it for fun.

What do you consider your genre and how are you different than other artists in that genre?
I would definitely say hip hop, with a genre so wide and full of artist I feel as though it’s some similarities of course but I think where I sit different would be everything that’s being put out is completely authentic. I think flow wise, in riding the beat I do well and being able to find different patterns within a verse without it sounding off is a strong suite.

Tell us all about your new project ReallyRalph.
ReallyRalphvol1 is pretty much a self titled project. Consisting of 5 tracks just to kind of give you a taste of the flow. The name obviously is my own but the addition of “really” adds a personal association in other words, there’s no right or wrong way to say it but it’s organic in everyday dialogue.

Stream the project on Apple Music here: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1371799634

What was the inspiration behind the project?
Of course people accepted the “pick it up” freestyle and it surprised me, I had no expectation just having fun and living with authentic energy. I actually had a Facebook memory pop up and it was a freestyle from 2009 I had forgot about. But the freestyle did so well it began to get spins in the clubs around here as well some radio play. Before I knew it people began asking where can they download and where’s more. So I decided to put a project together and let’s see how it goes. So with this first installment, just made some fun music just being myself and once again surpassed expectations, I mean I didn’t really know what to expect to be honest. Promo maybe a week, 5 days before releasing.

How would you describe your sound to new fans?
For me I’d say it’s fun, uptempo, good energy type of music. I strive to be different so I guess it’s hard to pick a sound just yet.

Who would you like to collaborate with in 2018? Why?
If there was anyone I could collaborate with in 2018. Well I have a couple to be honest but one would definitely be 2 Chainz. Since way back when I feel like we have the same type of energy especially from a creative standpoint. The man is a genius. Secondly, would have to be Chris Brown, again energy is big with me but again as a creator I’d say he is our generations MJ and I personally don’t think it’s close. Migos of course are on fire right now but truthfully any of those 3 can’t miss right now in my opinion.

Do you have any upcoming shows you can tell us about?
I have a couple things in the works right now but as they are being put together you’ll have to wait on that but of course can keep up with me via social media!

What has been a stand out moment in your journey thus far?
Hearing my track get played on the radio would easily be my biggest moment thus far. It was definitely a surreal moment but that’s when things clicked like “your content is solid, regardless of who you know in order to get love on that type of platform is huge”. Whenever I can I still shout out Hot 96.3 (that’s a nationally recognized station) because they liked it and decided to show love!

Who are your favorite producers in the game?
As of now, Metro and Zay of course the way that they create I’m going to get an instant gratification every time and I know it. Lord willing I will definitely get a chance to work with one if not both at least once if not multiple times!

What have you learned from your journey as an artist?
That not everyone will like your content, everyone will have an opinion, you can’t mix business with personal and you have to stay true to yourself.

Do you have any other dreams and goals in life that go beyond music?
Of course basketball is my first love, been playing and watching since before I could actually process and remember. To open my own gym is certainly a dream, just to provide to youth what I know they need, providing what I didn’t have and I’m excited about that.

Last question, what is one message you want to send your fans?
If there is anything in the world that you want to do, or anything that you’ve flirted with GO FOR IT regardless of what you have going on. If it is something that you slightly believe you could do and be successful then you will. Alongside that keep good energy from the way that you think to the people you keep around it will truly take you to heights you never thought would be possible. Lastly NETWORK, build relationships and be organic, people can see through BS you have to have a foundation to stand on makes this latter part easier!

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