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Supakaine Gets Straight to the Point with “F*ck Wordplay”


With the success of 2017’s Scholastica Park, it’s no surprise that anticipation has been building for Supakaine‘s next offering.

“F*ck Wordplay” lives up to the hype.



Over thoughtfully moving production courtesy of Dag and Icepic, Kaine lays down sharp bars laced with effortless insights; a mix of bravado and courtesy that knocks speakers while evoking careful consideration. His opening line, “I ain’t rappin’ I’m thinkin’ out loud,” sets the tone for a track that casually cuts through the bullshit, touching on somber realities with a seasoned conviction.

If “F*ck Wordplay” is any indication, Just Like My Neighbors is sure to make heads nod and think twice.

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