New York, NY. April 20, 2018) — Today, Ohio group The 3rd Power released their new EP and the visual for ‘They Know’. If you’re a fan of anthemic music, there’s a good chance you will fall in love with the single from ‘Attack of the Drum: (Act 1)’ out now via Elev8 The Game. Watch the video for the vivacious track below.

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The 3rd Power

Attack of the Drum: (Act 1)
Elev8 The Game

1. They Know
2. Peakin’
3. Sheets
4. The Kitchen
5. No Such Thing as Luck

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About The 3rd Power:
When it comes to musical creativity, ‘Next Floor Expect More’ is the motto of this fearsome foursome from Columbus,  Ohio. The 3rd Power was destined to have an ear for music and performance even before they were born. All second generation musicians,  Rashad, P.A.Flex, Co City & Blaksmif were raised on music that was rooted in soul. “Our parents were always playing music that inspired and motivated them,” Rashad explains. “We just became the babies of 70’s & 80’s soul music.”

Making music was already a normal activity by the time The 3rd joined forces in middle school. By this time, Rashad had formed Elevator Music, and Hip-Hop music was well on its way to becoming an American staple. “Individually, we all had a love for the soul of music,” say P.A. “Growing up in the Hip-Hop generation gave our music an innovative edge.”

The 3rd Power wear their influences on their sleeve, but are always able to paint an original piece of art on each empty canvas. With inspirations ranging from Public Enemy, N.W.A., A Tribe Called Quest to Outlast, The 3rd Power were always fueled by the icons of their childhood. “We were able to create a sound that is a marriage of what we listened to and the vision we had for where the Hip-Hop culture should be headed,” Co City states. The 3rd Power’s aim is to let the world know where the a great deal of our funk, and soul music came from: Ohio. When that foundation meshes with Elevator Music, “Its pretty much Hip-Hop on soulfunk steroids,” Blaksmif states. “Simply Elevator Pound.”

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