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From Michigan to the “Bahamas,” $yris Bursts Onto The Scene With New Video


There was once an Egyptian God of transition, resurrection, and regeneration named Osiris who became infamous when his brother killed him to overtake the throne from underneath him.

Similarly, Michigan native $yris is ready to push rappers out of his way to claim his throne at the top of the music industry.

Coming straight out of Flint, $yris has been trying his hand in the rap game for the last couple years now. He’s got beaucoup songs on Soundcloud, and plenty of videos on Youtube, which include vids for catchy tracks like “Propane,” “Promo,” “Demons,” and “Juggin.” His latest music video gives us some visuals for what might be his hottest track yet: “Bahamas.”

“Bahamas” is a super chill track that $yris originally dropped online back in 2016, and now gives us a radiant video for it. Much like the song itself, the video that accompanies “Bahamas” is stimulating, vibrant, and dripping in lucid colors. This very well could be the underground song of the summer.

Taking influence from Jay-Z–his favorite rapper–and striving to ball like Chris Paul, $yris has all the tools necessary to be the industry’s next big thing thanks to his unique brand of an evocative sound. He’s already been co-signed by Waka Flocka Flame, so he’s already growing enough buzz to breakout as a musician. Check out his stuff now before he does, and then watch his career blossom.

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